Rectangular ventilation ducts and fittings made of PVC/PPs/PP/PE


  • Made of PVC-U:

Ducts and fittings of rectangular cross-section - standard No. DIN 4740 Teil 5

  • Made of PP and PPs:

Ducts and fittings of rectangular cross-section - standard No. DIN 4741 Teil 5

  • other materials available upon request

  • all elements are also produced in accordance with internal manufacturer's standards and at the Client's individual request or according to a specific design.

In accordance with DIN standards, all elements can be produced according to following designs:

  • low pressure pe = ± 630 Pa

  • medium pressure pe = ± 1600 Pa

  • high pressure pe = ± 5000 Pa


Nominal size being a conventional size used for marking and calculation of straight ducts and fittings, constitutes the external dimensions of A and B side, wherein A is a visible dimensions (see drawing below). The side lengths of the smaller end of intermediate fitting are marked C and D, wherein C is the visible dimensions.


The ducts and fittings connected by welding ensure 100% tightness of the system.


The rigidity of ducts and fittings is ensured by adequately selected thickness of material of which they are made. For large ducts, it is possible to apply rib reinforcements to reduce plate thickness - in accordance with the guidelines set out in DIN standards.
The ducts and bends, subject to Client's request, can be stiffened with the use of guide vanes in accordance with PN-EN 1505 standard. The guide vanes are not required in elbows and bends of angle ≤ 45o.


Possible methods for connection of duct and fitting systems:

  • PVC-U - plain ducts and coupler fittings - welding with PVC-U wire or gluing, flanged connection

  • PP/PPs - plain ducts and coupler fittings - welding with PP/PPs wire, flanged connection

  • PE - plain ducts and coupler fittings - welding with PE wire, flanged connection

  • connection of the duct and fitting system with other ventilation equipment is possible with the use of standardized frames which are dimensionally compliant with PN-B-76002 standard, ofr with flanges produced in accordance with the Client's design.

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