The CHEMOWENT complete system of ventilation ducts, ventilation grates, chemically resistant fans and accessories is a system widely used in industrial halls, laboratories, swimming pools, i.e. any locations of toxic, highly corrosive and humid atmosphere.

The CHEMOWENT system meets all requirements set out for ventilation systems in such facilities - it is characterized by high chemical resistance, is not susceptible to corrosion and the ventilation duct and fitting connections and 100% tight.

The CHEMOWENT® ventilation system includes ducts, fittings, chemically resistant fans made of PVC, PP, PPS and PE.

The CHEMOWENT® ventilation ducts and fittings are offered in two kinds: circular and rectangular cross-sections.

The methods of connection of the CHEMOWENT® systems include gluing, welding, fusion welding, flanged connections.

CHEMOWENT® scope of production:

  • Circular ventilation ducts and fittings produced by method of injection molding or from segments,
  • Rectangular ventilation ducts and fittings,
  • Chemically resistant fans
  • Apparatuses, extraction systems, fume hoods, kitchen hoods, tanks, etc.

Applications of CHEMOWENT® ventilation systems:

  • Industrial sector - ventilation of galvanization plants, anodization plants, zinc plants, pickling plants, industrial halls with corrosive environment, battery rooms, chlorine plants, etc.
  • Swimming pools - general ventilation of swimming pools, ventilation of rooms with swimming pool chemicals
  • Laboratories - extraction hood systems, general ventilation.

30 years of experience

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