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Ventilation ducts and fittings

Complete system of ducts, fittings and accessories for ventilation systems made of plastics.

Our offer:                                                                         

  • circular ducts of diameters: ø32 – ø500

  • circular ducts of plates of diameters: ø400 – ø1400

  • Elastic PVC ducts of diameters ø75 – ø800

  • circular ventilation fittings, including bends, tees, reducers, dampers, deflectors, flanges, nozzles, grates, non-return dampers, sound dampers, wall and roof penetrations

  • rectangular ducts 

  • rectangular fittings

Ventilation elements made of PVC, PPs, PP, PE and PVDF.



Advantages of plastic ventilation ducts and fittings:

  • High chemical resistance

High chemical resistance of plastic ventilation elements allows for its application in chemical, pharmaceutical and zinc-coating sectors. Plastic ventilation systems ensure high safety and long service time, which are affected by concentration of chemical agents, temperature and pressure.

  • Small mass

Small specific mass of plastics allows for easy transport and non-problematic installation.

  • Resistance to corrosion

Thanks to corrosion resistance and exceptional qualities of individual materials, the service time of ventilation ducts is several times longer.

  • Cost-efficiency

Long service time, easy processing and simplified production process (e.g. in the process of injection molding) of respective plastics increase the cost-efficiency. The technology of plastics guarantees easy of extension and repairs of the existing equipment. Higher cost-efficiency is an obvious advantage versus steel solutions.

  • Lower risk to personnel and environment

Joining of respective components takes place by a relevant welding method which, if performed correctly, guarantees 100% joint tightness, thus ensuring higher level of safety for personnel and environment.

  • Lower maintenance costs

The deposits are caused as a result of deposition of coloidal suspension particles. Smoothness of plastic fitting and pipe surfaces greatly reduces the tendency of such particles to settle down. This translates to reduced frequency of required system cleaning and maintenance.

  • Environmental protection

Thermally processed plastics are suitable for 100% recycling.