Chemically resistant fans

Chemically resistant fans - production program


Small radial fans

FRv 075 - 110+


Small radial fans
  • Compact casing with drum rotor

  • Very quiet

  • Hermetic shaft sealing

  • Maintenance-free

  • Mechanical and electrical flexibility


Radial fans

FRv 125 - 280


Radial fans
  • High alignment thanks to production by method of injection molding

  • Hermetic design

  • Exceptionally easy maintenance

  • Adjustable maximum height

  • Very stable due to additional support


Rooftop fans

FDv 075 - 280

FDvF 075 - 280


Rooftop fans
  • Drum rotor made of polypropylene by method of injection molding with rotor blade arrangement ensuring guaranteed negative pressure on the shaft keys during operation

  • Specially shaped plastic exhaust grate ensures even, vertical air exhaust

  • Exceptionally easy maintenance

  • Direct drive by a IEC-34 standardized motor in an exhaust air-tight casing

  • Casing cooling air guided through separated supply and exhaust chambers for cooling air and to prevent uncontrolled circulation